Save Our Selsey Campaign for Coastal Defence

Save our Selsey has now been officially dissolved. The SOS committee decided to take this action at its final meeting, on 18th November 2013.

The committee felt that after 7 years of successful campaigning, with other bodies (such as Selsey Town Council) taking a very effective and pro-active approach to Selsey’s coastal management, SOS itself had now run its course.

The organisation is being wound up and remaining funds will, in accordance with SOS’s constitution, be donated to the Selsey Coastal Trust (a Selsey-based charitable organisation with similar aims to SOS).

We are hoping that a final article on SOS will appear in the February issue of Selsey Life.

Meanwhile we would like to thank all members, past and present, for their support during our long campaign.

This website will close in 2014. Thanks to our webmaster, Roger Barrow, for looking after our websites over the years.